About A Broadway Christmas Carol

In this production, The Ghost of Christmas Present is costumed as, well, a giant Christmas present, Tiny Tim appears in a show-stopping turn donning what we call an “Annie fright wig,” and Scrooge’s third phantom is, of course, a send up of the Broadway stage’s most famous Phantom.

Round House Theatre

In A BROADWAY CHRISTMAS CAROL, the witty song parodies, the split-second costume changes — Dickens wrote a lot of characters and we have three actors and a piano player, mind you — and the old miser singing to bring down the chanticleer provide the breath-taking fun at a breakneck pace, but the story is all Dickens.

The first time you produce it, it will leave your audiences feeling that they have seen something completely new and different but somehow oddly familiar and heart-warming. Best of all, they want to see it again and again. Suddenly, you have a Christmas classic and a sure-fire ticket sales generator on your hands.

Round House Theatre

No Broadway show is safe [in] A BROADWAY CHRISTMAS CAROL. Every year multiple Broadway shows are spoofed and blended to recreate the Dickens Christmas classic in new and funny ways.
—Washington Times



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