About the Show 2

It’s certainly happened that way at Round House Theatre in suburban Washington, D.C.’s Montgomery County. That’s where A BROADWAY CHRISTMAS CAROL played for seven consecutive seasons and more than 100 performances.

At Round House, audience testing proved that not only were people coming back year after year, but that they were also bringing friends and family members so that they could experience the good time together.

Round House Theatre

That makes a lot of sense. After all, elbowing your partner and groaning over the silly jokes and bad puns is all part of the experience of seeing this exceptional show.


“Kathy Feininger’s fractured fable is the funniest holiday show around. Wild and wacky takes and take-offs on the original tale remain faithful to the core of the Dickens plot. … Folks who came to see the show in its first year bring back carloads each year for a renewed laugh-fest.”
—AOL City Guide, Atlanta