About the Show 3

Creator Kathy Feininger created a theatrical phenomenon in the Washington, DC theatre market with A BROADWAY CHRISTMAS CAROL. Already a well-known member of the community, Kathy has been approached in the theatre lobby, on the street and in the grocery store by fans wanting to know if she is indeed “the funny Christmas Carol lady.” More often than not, they have a song parody to pitch. And they all want to make sure that Kathy knows that they’ll be back next season.

Round House Theatre

A BROADWAY CHRISTMAS CAROL tested other waters with a Buffalo, NY production that ran for three holiday seasons. Theatres throughout the country followed suit, including five consecutive seasons (to date!) in the Atlanta metro area. A BROADWAY CHRISTMAS CAROL saw its Far East premiere with its first Asian production in 2005.

Actors Scene Unseen

“Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without light-hearted stage parodies and some good, old-fashioned musical numbers. Kathy Feininger’s
A Broadway Christmas Carol provides both … [a] delightful twist”

—Today, Singapore