Royalty Terms

Chanticleer Productions, LLP determines Royalties for its properties based on several factors: professional status, size of market, size of house, length of run and potential percentage of seats to be sold.

Professional Productions are generally charged on a percentage of total gross box office, including all forms of direct ticket income — single tickets, discount tickets, gift certificate redemptions, flex ticket redemptions and subscription tickets. Professional production rights are held with a non-refundable minimum payment, known as a Guarantee.

Non-Professional Productions are generally charged a set fee per performance. Royalties for Non-Professional productions are, in general, significantly lower than for Professional productions. Because of this disparity, Chanticleer Productions, LLP will not license a Non-Professional production if a Professional production has already obtained rights in the same geographic area. Chanticleer Productions, LLP also reserves the right to cancel Non-Professional performance rights should a more remunerative, Professional offer be made in the same area. (See Terms and Conditions for more information.)

Fundraising Productions are generally charged a flat fee based on a variety of factors including size and location of venue, standard maximum ticket price and total ticket price (including portion of ticket price being donated).